Barnraising CD

A gentle blend of folk and standards

What's the Deal?
The story starts with Sarah growing up on her grandparent's farm in Oregon. Nothing to do but shell peas and bake pies. Always a singer, she went to New York to study music but came back to find her soul and the life she used to know. Now looking for a piece of land to make her own she recorded this simple, yet elegant, collection of music in an effort to raise a down payment. Supporters can purchase an autographed CD for $15 or an unsigned version for $10 (details below).

What Does it Sound Like?
Sexy, soulful & spiritual. This CD is a collection of folk songs & standards that includes favorites from Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell and Faith Hill. Sarah Danforth has a clear, soothing tone that adds richness to these low soulful songs you can't get from pop singers. With Darlene Jost Babin on piano and Elanor Cohn-Eichner adding harmony, Sarah has crafted a lovely, calming sound that will bring you home. Read the reviews

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1. Nobody's Girl

4. Lazy Afternoon

7. Can't Make You Love Me

2. If I'm Not In Love

5. Break My Heart Again

8. Too Soon To Tell

3. Dimming Of The Day

6. I'll Be There For You

9. Lucky Old Sun

Got any pictures? Yes we do!
> recording session (March 2003)
> release party (May 2003)
> assorted performances

How Can I Get One?

  • 1 barnraising cd signed by Sarah Danforth, $15 +s/h  

  • 1 barnraising cd (unsigned), $10 +s/h


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