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What are people saying about "Barnraising"?

Earthy and elegant...
it's like sitting around after dinner with a glass of wine and dark chocolates.

Watch out Nora Jones - Sarah D's on the scene!!
I've heard Sarah sing live and this sounds just like her. It captures her passion and understanding of the music perfectly, not to mention the sound of her beautiful voice. I listen to it all day at work to keep me in my happy place.

SO easy to listen to..
Sarah's voice is just lovely. Her style is so refreshing - not like all the stuff you hear on the radio. The recording sounds like she's sitting next to you singing, not canned and over digitized.

Beautiful. This CD will bring joy into your life.

Easy Listening with a Soul
Turn off the noise of the freeway and drive home with Sarah’s mellow sounds to calm you after a hectic day. The music is simple, uncluttered, just what you need with a glass of wine to wind the day down. Her rendition of the old standard, "Lucky Old Sun", is outstanding and will leave you wishing for more.

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