AFO Practices


Before groceries were commercially available, most families found it necessary to maintain a moderate-sized kitchen garden. They learned through trial-and-error that by grouping certain plants next to one another they were able to combat even the most voracious insects. For instance, the Colorado Cucumber Beetle can be chased away from your delicate cuke plants by simply interplanting them with a trailing Nasturtium. These flowers emit a scent that is naturally repellent to the beetle -- they also add a splash of color just where you need it the most!

At The Art Farm we have studied this science with a passion. Unlike commercial farms which are far too large to implement any practical organic practices, we simulate these wonderful kitchen gardens by designing several small, and entirely automomous, growing areas. By letting the plants do the work for us in this way, we eliminate the need for chemical pesticides. 

Another bonus when growing naturally is taste! Most commercially grown produce seed are chosen for their "packability" rather than their flavor.  We choose art farm seed that has passed the test of time. Most of our seeds are considered 'organic heirloom', meaning that they are non-hybridized plants extracted from certified organic fruit and vegetables. 

We are considered a "transitional" farm -- in the process of qualifying for organic certification through state and national channels.  The farm needs to be owned by us for 36 months before we can apply. Any of our members (or perspective members) are welcome to take a tour of our farm or meet with the growers to discuss practices in-depth.


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