Amity Farmhouse Cookbook

Cooking, like love, should be entered into
with complete abandon or not at all!

Now that you are about to receive fresh vegetables every week, what will you do with them? As vegetarians (and lovers of great food) we have done a great deal of cooking with vegetables. Vegetarian cuisine doesn't have to be boring and time consuming. In fact we have compiled our favorite meals and published them in our The Art Farm Cookbook. We are used to adjusting our eating schedules to the cycles of the season and adjusted our cookbook to match.

Not a farm share client,
but still want a cookbook?
No Problem!

Amity Farmhouse Cookbook
$14.99 on Amazon.com

Most of our meals are prepared with whole foods and may not necessarily be considered "low-fat". We have listed low-fat alternatives wherever appropriate, but have only done so when it does not compromise the flavor of the dish! Here are a few of our favorites.



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