Farm Fresh Eggs - $4/doz

BOOKED UP through Summer 2010!

You won't believe these eggs until you taste them. They shells are twice as thick as storebought. The yolks are practically orange and the whites are firm and tender at the same time. The flavor is more earthy - is that a flavor?? - than you're used to and knowing where they came from makes it even more satisfying. Our clients can order a dozen or half dozen at half price.

These are probably the most spoiled, blissed-out chickens you've ever met. They start their day with a generous handful of organic chicken scratch laced with oyster shell and grit for strong shells and healthy gullets. Mornings are spent busily unearthing every bug, worm or treat there is between the hen house and the person house. The girls will periodically sneak back into the house and lay a beautiful brown egg, then rush to get back to "work".

Afternoons are largely spent lounging under the bamboo or dusting themselves in my flower boxes. There is an occasional field trip to the neighbor's yard (bad chickies!!). After they dry off from being squirted with the hose, they get back to looking for treats.

When I get home they follow me around while I do chores and usually get something to snack on while we're out and about. They enjoy chasing after the cats and telling me about their day. Then, when it starts to get dark, they squawk their way up to the roost and turn in for the night. What a life!


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