Granola, Cookies & Mixes

Yeah, so what if I don't have time to make it myself?!

No one wants to make things from scratch all the time. Not even us. So take it easy on yourself and buy some of our pre-made products. You'll go crazy for our shortbread cookies - they get better with age so hide them from your husband and enjoy them in a month or so. The cereal is so light and yummy you'll be hooked. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

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Granola Cereal
16oz - $4

Want to eat something healthier than coco puffs with your morning coffee?? This stuff is great. Not too sweet, crunchy, chewey, high in protein and omego-3s. Also terrific with yogurt...

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6 cookies - SOLD OUT

Shortbread shapes dipped in wonderful chocolate (milk & dark). These morsels are so buttery and flakey. They are great for tea time or with ice cream.

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Bean Soup Mix
16oz - SOLD OUT

Winter is really the best time for a bean soup. So get out the crock pot and make yourself up a batch! We grow most of these beans ourself so they are full of farm goodness.

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Scone Mix
16oz - SOLD OUT

Just add milk, butter and stir. They small great in the oven, and they taste even better with AFO jelly and a cup-o-joe. Also great gifts!



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