Stone Soup

There once was a traveler who wandered across the land carrying nothing but a soup pot and a lovely and smooth river stone. One day the traveler wandered into the center of a quiet little village and positioned the big round soup pot atop a roaring fire. Placed gently inside was the lovely river stone and a bucket of water from the well.

A curious group of children happened along on their way home from school. "What are you cooking in your soup pot, Stranger?"

"Why I am making Stone Soup, of course!" the traveler replied. "Pity there is not enough to share with all of you.."

Although they had never hear of such a soup, the children pleaded with the traveler to share. "In order to have enough for everyone, you should go home and bring back a carrot or potato or handful of rice from your pantry," the stranger suggested, "We will add it to the soup pot and have a meal fit for a king!"

The children did just as the traveler said and soon the soup pot was filled with carrots, peas, rice and tomatoes. Everyone in town could smell the wonderful aroma as the soup continued to cook. The children ran home to invite their parents to their soup feast. They brought bread and wine and together they enjoyed the stone soup that the traveler brought to town.


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